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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 7

This was a busy week with many distractions…

Enjoyed attending the first ALESS, Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools in Hong Kong, meeting of the year. I really appreciate networking and hearing different people’s perspectives about the teacher librarian profession. Traveled over an hour to Shatin College, nice area, good to see a library for middle school/high school students that was recently remodeled. Enjoyed having various conversations with teacher librarians from around Hong Kong. Interesting discussions occurred including what topics we might have as a focus for our future meetings and authors that might be organized to visit Hong Kong schools this year… Quite exciting.

Really enjoyed watching the movie Barfi with my husband on our date night, quite a special one, highly recommended. My husband found that it reminded him of watching the movie Benny and Joon.:
Our family went on an abbreviated adventure with a plan to go on a cable car ride to see the Big Buddha, but unfortunately plans were postponed for another time… instead we went and saw Planes, enjoyed it enough, liked watching my son enjoy the film!
Plans put on hold...

Plans put on hold…

Work events… We enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl Day in the library through this past week…. shared a variety of Roald Dahl connected resources that are around the library beyond the fiction books students knew about. (Cookbooks, plays, songbooks, biographies, rhyme books, Dahlmanacs, etc.) We also had a few favorite videos ready to watch on our webpage that many teachers used. So grateful to my colleagues who read aloud a Roald Dahl book this past week and had special celebrations in class. We also ran a Roald Dahl book competition with sticker voting through the week in addition to having conversations with over 200 of the students and distributed “Happy Dahl Day” stickers on Friday. Quite fun to celebrate such a brilliant author!
Dot Day app image also matches our school logo!

Dot Day app image also matches our school logo!

We’re beginning to celebrate Dot Day. We’ll be using the ColAR app next week to celebrate The Dot and Dot Day… One student brought in her dot creation a little early, loved it- she used the school logo to celebrate and appreciate our school, quite special!
I’ve distributed Peter Reynolds books to classrooms and also had a student find numerous books that have dots on them for our front entry display. Student dot art pieces are trickling into the library which is quite exciting. This year, I’m hoping to have one year group write on little circles/dots how they wish to make their mark… then collect them in a mosaic art piece that can go on a blank wall in the library. It was funny to realize where a blank wall was after thinking that every wall was occupied!
Example of labeling one-- connected to Nowhere Hair.

Example of labeling one– connected to the book Nowhere Hair.

I’ve been slowly progressing through a project to identify what categories all of our new picture books and non-fiction books fit with for PYP Profiles, Attitudes, and Units of Inquiry. We try to categorize every book added in the library for ease of use for ourselves, staff, and students. Personally, I appreciate smooth searching for books in the future. It certainly takes a while to identify the books and which Unit of Inquiry the book was purchased for and additionally what other units it might fit with. I do love being quite familiar with every book entering the library collection! After my wonderful, patient assistant updates our library catalogue records with these categories, we will leave the notes on the books for teachers to browse at our fall book breakfast for staff. My school’s PYP Coordinator had the wonderful idea to sort the books based on the themes of the Units of Inquiry so that teachers can see how different year levels will interact and use the books in addition to just having the books sorted by Dewey category, etc. Thrilled to try this as well for our book breakfast! That isn’t occurring for a few weeks, thank goodness, since inputting records will take quite a while! I promoted new fiction books with my Year 3-6 students this week and had almost every single new book borrowed off the shelves. I even had to go find a few books to promote from the regular collection because I ran out of new books so quick. So I mixed the “I can’t believe this book was sitting on the shelf, this must be borrowed, here’s why, who thinks they could try the book out?” and the “new book” promotions together.

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Happy reading and adventures your way everyone!

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  1. aweekoraweekend
    September 15, 2013

    So jealous of all the events you are doing in your library!

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