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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 5 Junk Boat Edition

IMG_8275Hong Kong Update:
We have been quite busy with the school year… but snuck in a family junk boat trip with a total of 32 people… This junk trip was to celebrate a birthday of one of my kiddo’s buddies. Quite a fun excursion. We went on a junk boat before but it was more of an evening adventure. This time, we were lucky to go on a not-too-terribly-hot day that included some beautiful blue skies and decent water conditions as well.

This time, we enjoyed traveling, dropping anchor and swimming, traveling further, dropping anchor and swimming again, and then heading back to dock. Quite the fun time. My favorite was just sitting and relaxing… I actually didn’t even open a book during the entire ride, it was just too beautiful to open up and read… My other favorite was watching my son leap from the top of the junk boat down into the water over and over. He is a lot braver than I am…
Here are a few glimpses:


Beautiful views from the junk boat.

Beautiful views from the junk boat.

This was just on Sunday… there were other lovely things that happened during the week. For example, I met up with one of my favorite people and we chatted about library stuff and books and many other special topics… always grateful for time with my talented teacher-librarian friend Tanja…
We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant… I was reminded once again how much I adore eating green curry… along with any noodle dish I can.


I unfortunately had a few medical issues recently that had me wearing a wrist brace for a few days… I’ve stopped wearing it now and am trying out a local Chinese medicine place that gave me some really yucky medicine to drink, in addition to getting acupuncture and other treatments… here’s hoping for some treatment that can help me long term vs. getting more and more Western medicine that seems to sometimes give me more pain than relief! Also, we had the large new book order delivered to the library on Thursday which was quite exciting. I’ll share more about it on Monday and include some book videos there…
Enjoyed a date night with my husband and saw the movie City of Bones, pretty neutral about it. Was more excited to have a yummy dinner at a local restaurant- revisiting one I already shared about in an update ages ago…
Interesting, smoked duck with noodles, nice mix.

Interesting, smoked duck with noodles, nice mix.

Dan Dan Noodles, my heaven...

Dan Dan Noodles, my heaven…

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Happy reading and adventures your way everyone!

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