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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Year 2 Week 4

Rain barrels on top of the Peak! Hip hooray to environmental action!

Rain barrels on top of the Peak! Hip hooray to environmental action!

This was one busy week. Students were back at school for five full days and our family was completely distracted by this. I’m thrilled to have students back in the library. I have many projects that we’re slowly tackling and it is quite fun to find those successful moments. For example, I adjusted all of our genre recommendation bookmarks so that they can be copied and provide students with fresh new ideas as they book browse.

I also created and shared webpages on Smore for first term inquiry units. Curious to see how I organize the resource? Here’s the link to one resource I created about International Mindedness for my Year 6 (5th grade) team: We also pulled book materials for all the units and distributed them. It’s great to be a resource provider again!  I was grateful to check one “to do” off after another. 
triopandaimgIt was fun to begin classes again as well. Here was my book selection for the first few weeks. They include some Panda Book Award titles in addition to some special favorites I’m looking forward to sharing. I’ve already shared Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman too many times to count which led to many conversations about how a sequel of the book would work. I also shared with all my students in Year 2, 1st grade, There’s a Dragon in the Library by Dianne de Las Castas which was quite a fun group read aloud with the oh so important book care ideas shared at the end of the book- some amazing resources accompany this book, linked above. I shared Bluebird by Bob Staake with my Year 6, 5th grade, students to have them practice discussing author’s intent in addition to sneaking in one of my favorite fantastic book selections. I have plans to share Dinosaur vs. The Library by Bob Shea next week with my Year 1/Kindergarten students and was so grateful to Ms. O Reads Books for sharing a bookmark she created for the book. Now students will walk out with a book and bookmark on their first library day ever! My only regret is that thirty minutes always feels to short when meeting with students, especially since I love giving student plenty of browsing time… But I do love being able to go support research and inquiry in the classroom and if library time went over thirty minutes for all the classes, that would be challenging.
Books to share for the first few weeks.

Books to share for the first few weeks.

Our family didn’t venture out too much. The weather wasn’t quite pleasant most of the week which led us to happily relaxing after school in the apartment versus dealing with rain.
Can't see too much!

Can’t see too much!

For date night, we met wonderful colleagues from my school and enjoyed hanging out for a while… then we went to have burritos and quesadillas along with our favorite milky sweet drink- horchatas at Mr. Taco Truck. We did go out for a family dinner up to the Peak and ate at Spaghetti 360 and realized that it was quite cloudy…  We had a lovely meal anyway.
Can you see through the clouds?

Can you see through the clouds?

I personally was all about books this week. Just today I visited Bookazine and Dymocks, local bookstores here in Hong Kong,  to browse books and picked up a few. 
Book purchases, happy moment of the week.

Book purchases, happy moment of the week.

So, not too much to share. It is good to have the quiet yet busy weeks, right? 🙂

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Happy reading and adventures your way everyone!

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