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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update #51 Stay at Home Edition

What I do this week? Loads of snuggling, family time, and reading!!!

What I do this week? Loads of snuggling, family time, and reading!!!

51 Weeks of living in Hong Kong… This was one of those weeks where our family had down time. We could have run out every day on adventures but instead… we chilled out, mostly. Our dog appreciated that we were home but sometimes was puzzled about how her nap time was interrupted. She also was wonderful at asking for attention while I was reading books. (See above.) Well, honestly, after writing the post, I thought I’d clarify. There were three days out of the seven where things picked up but the other four were really pretty mellow.

Our kiddo went to five days of summer school at Chinese International School, it was in English. He had a blast for four hours with tennis, science experiments, iMovie creations, and lego fun. He was in two of the classes with his friend, so that was also a bonus. His comment about it? “It was awesome!” He came home every day talking about a science experiment- volcanoes, balloon popping, and lava lamp creations… and then also explaining details on how he adjusted his voice and how he added in transitions in the iMovie he created with a group. We were happy he had fun for a week and also had the afternoons with us. He also lost his first tooth! Quite the excitement came with that change. Especially the discussion on where to put the tooth for the tooth fairy to locate. Pillow it was! But we’ve decided (with the help of one of my Facebook friends) that it might be smart to put the next tooth out by the window as a homing beacon for the fairy.
Lost first tooth and going to summer school!

Lost first tooth and going to summer school!

My husband and I actually visited a special lego exhibit and saw some pretty impressive creations without our kiddo. We’ll bring him next week. I thought they were cool though and took numerous pictures:

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I went to Shenzhen on my own to pick up a few shirts that were waiting for me at the tailor’s shop and committed to returning in another week for some skirts. Little fact: Shenzhen doesn’t really come to life until 11am. Showing up at 10am makes this quite apparent. I wandered through a closed mall quite amused by the lack of glitz, glitter, and disgusting cigarette smoke. In the end I went to have a snack at a restaurant in the mall and listen to the audiobook that is presently haunting me (really, it has made me shudder at times, cannot eat while listening!) Rotters by Daniel Kraus – brilliant book and fantastic audiobook. I learned that you will spend more than you anticipated even when you have a specific list of what you need to purchase in Shenzhen. I also learned that sometimes overspending isn’t a terrible thing. You just need to know how to walk away. I was grateful that I at least knew the way out- in comparison to walking around the casino in Macau for an extra 20 minutes looking for a small hidden exit a few weeks ago.
I decided to document something the kiddo has decided to frequently do for a few months now: create special lego exhibits and charge money to visit them. He creates special tickets, plays the tour guide, and takes over a large portion of our tiny apartment for this special bit of entertainment in our lives. (We’re happy he’s excited but hear a little too much about Lego Chima overall in the process.)
This evening we had a special family dinner after my husband and kiddo went on a morning race which included kayaking and hiking… they relaxed all afternoon. We went to a restaurant that has some delicious food and then wandered around and found a delicious dessert place as well. Finally found shaved ice again!! Last time we had it was on Cheng Chau island many months ago and it was heavenly. This time it was quite wonderful as well. I’m thrilled to find new areas near our apartment to explore!
Back to reading now… Happy week to everyone! (There are a few extra pictures of our week below…)

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