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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 45

IMG_6171This was one of those RxR weeks. I personally am getting sorted out with my hip injury, my physiotherapist said he’s pleased with my progress, and added more exercises to my twice a day routine. I caught a cold that left me with hardly any voice for a few days… My husband, who started work as my assistant this week, has some type of an upper respiratory infection and also threw his shoulder out in a volleyball game mid-week. So, we’ve been quite… quiet. A few colleagues actually commented about how quiet I was at one meeting, made me chuckle and wonder how much I really do talk. (I consider myself a quiet person, talking when I actually have something of quality to share.)

I had fun writing the post on “Show Me The Awesome, Sharing is Caring and Energizing” since I invested many spare moments during my week creating literature promotion material for Hong Kong Battle of the Books and posted it on Livebinder… I also am working on my summer reading program plans presently. My school is still in session for four more weeks. I’m quite happy for those in various places who have completed their school year, but I know that those extra few weeks off during the year now catch up with us. (They were worth it!) So we’ll have 6 weeks off, not 8-10 like some friends do…

Right before my last Hong Kong Update post, my husband and I went up to “The Peak” in Hong Hong on a pretty sunny day and were just dazzled by the views.

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Thrilled with this place! Has many items I was dreaming about finding...

Thrilled with this place! Has many items I was dreaming about finding…

This weekend I enjoyed just taking it easy and explored a few natural medicine places in Central. Grateful to find a few. Especially happy to find one that sells chia seeds. I really like having chia seeds each morning at breakfast but was running out of my regular stash.

On my radar presently: For those audiobook listeners, I really hope you know about SYNC! For this month, there will be TWO, yes TWO! audiobooks free per week! I just made friends (finally) with Overdrive after a love/hate relationship with adobe membership. Not certain why, think it is just a quirky issue. So, I was able to download two audiobooks for this week: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and The Tempest By William Shakespeare. I’m thrilled to finally be able to use Overdrive on my iPhone. It felt wasteful to only be using Audible so far since that is a membership fee every month and often I go through more than one audiobook a month. Thrilled to celebrate books and audiobooks with SYNC. There are many audiobooks being given away this month that I’m really quite excited to listen to, really impressed with the selection! Hope you look into it!

Entertainment: It is interesting here in Hong Kong when we consider our entertainment… this time: movie! decided on Star Trek Into Darkness. Great movie. We both loved it… We saw the movie in Kowloon Bay at the huge mall Megabox- we went there once before to see The Hobbit… 3D IMAX really makes some movies amazing! We tried out a new Thai restaurant that turned out pretty delicious. Also amused by IKEA food after the movie. Took a few other random pictures as well!:

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