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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 43

Hong Kong Life Update: Since I’m traveling to Okinawa, Japan, I’m prewriting my post… I’m looking forward to visiting a teacher librarian friend stationed there. Shall share more for week 44 post!

Enjoyed two restaurant visits: Burger place and make your own yogurt place- both places my son and I want to revisit:

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Somehow I missed the fountain at night, lovely view.

Somehow I missed the fountain at night, lovely view.

Thought I’d quickly assess my blogging. I noticed that I was losing track of posts, recently hit #346! I’ve enjoyed writing a weekly reading reflection but besides reference to Goodreads and searching by title, those posts don’t lead easy future referral. Thinking on this… Also thought about other portions of my blog:

1. I created a page that has all my reading recommendation posts in one spot. This was the most important part of blogging for me:

2. Since I’ve written so many Hong Kong life posts, thought it would be nice to have them officially on a page:

3. I adore and admire so many authors. My new students have realized this. Finally had one ask the inevitable question, “Mrs. Alvarez, you sure do have a lot of favorite books, do you have any you don’t like?” Of course, my answer is, “Sure, I just don’t talk about them!” I organized a page where I’ve honored authors with special posts and interviews:

Flipped reading sports reflection: Reflecting back on the flipped reading post I shared: This week, I attended a group meeting with students mixed from two classes talking about how they felt about the books and also talking about the books in reference to connection, causation, perspective, etc. I walked over to one group talking about Gordon Korman’s book No More Dead Dogs, a student mentioned that he couldn’t get into the book because he wasn’t too happy having to read about an American sport, football, and found the book “boring”. Made me appreciate that our books were thoughtfully selected and balanced between books published in different countries, genre, and style.

Justify stocktake: Often, I don’t feel isolated in the library but when it comes to stocktake/inventory, unfortunately, sometimes staff at schools don’t understand the necessity of the time investment. Reasons I feel stocktake is worthwhile:
1. I am responsible for all items purchased for the library and ICT materials, they are an investment. I must have a good track on what is in the library.
2. When you inventory the collection, you can catch errors and update some things such as items that meandered their way back to the shelves which weren’t checked in and missing books found in different areas of the library.
3. Finally, the most important reason I appreciate working on stocktake yearly is that I can identify lost books and assess whether the items need replacement.

Not sure what I’ll do next with blog updates… shall see! If you want to see other Hong Kong life posts, they’re all on the post listed at #2 above!

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