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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 42

Some of the new books coming in!

Some of the new books coming in!

Here is a reflection on a quiet week! Some have asked me how I’ve had things to post each week… Not sure, I certainly feel quite distracted during the working week. Others have asked how I make time for these posts. Not sure, I don’t like to track how much time it takes to create/write. Once I start taking into count time invested, I might worry about how many people are reading the blog and get sensitive. Better to just enjoy having a place to have weekly reflections and also other posts that show my passions, interests, and hopefully inspire others to look outside their work week/school week at other things going on in the world whether it be a great event, amazing book, or wonderful online source.

So, onto the weekly reflection: For a while now, my son has his momentum and interest in reading independently. Not certain why. He’s certainly not lacking reading selection at home.  Just happens that way I suppose. I certainly go through ups and downs with my reading but I don’t want my son to lose the enthusiasm for reading on his own. He adores reading with my husband and myself every night, pretty much still at one hour that we share books with him each night. I decided to shift gears and provide him with an iPod loaded with audiobooks. He’s through the second Magic Tree House book already after giving it to him this morning. Shall see how his excitement and enthusiasm progresses. There certainly are enough fantastic audiobooks available!

Recently my kiddo also used up all of his art paper. We discovered that a stationary store down the street from us had an art pad and stickers… Already the kiddo is having fun creating mazes and art in honor of an animal show he watched today. This is what entertained me.


PYP Book Display on titles connected with being balanced. This connects with focus through the school. I love identifying books monthly that connect with the theme…

This week felt quite busy at work. My school had many distinguished guests who had the responsibility of evaluating our implementation of the International Baccalaureatte, IB/Primary Years Programme, PYP, in addition to deciding on the school’s qualification as an International school through Council of International Schools. Our whole staff welcomed our guests on Sunday in the library and then they visited through the week. The guests met in the conference room in the library- back by my desk. This led to many fascinating conversations but also many distractions. So things that my assistant and I thought we’d get through for the week took much longer than we predicted as a team. Since we only have two more weeks working together with one of those weeks impacted by a long weekend, that was a little more difficult. Lovely to hear in a report from the week that the team was impressed with the library and the actions we’ve been doing in regards to instruction- integration and collaboration with classroom teachers, and how we’re embracing Internationalism and Mother-Tongue books.
We are preparing for inventory (it is called stocktake here) to begin next week and the following. We’re starting with an inventory of the reference book collection since it is smaller than others and good for making sure things are properly working with the inventory process. We’ll also be doing an inventory of the library’s non-fiction and fiction books. We put together a plan for the next few years so that the library doesn’t miss something important that should be inventoried. This isn’t a favorite focus for us- even though it is quite important, so we also figured out how to honor our student library volunteers and our Hong Kong Battle of the Books teams in the next two weeks. Plus we had a book delivery on Tuesday which was quite exciting, so many new books to enjoy and treasure!

I had the bonus of meeting up with my teacher-librarian friend Tanja on Wednesday and comparing our experience at different schools with the IB evaluation and interview in addition to talking about books, iPads and apps. I treasure moments when I can talk with another teacher librarian and have the opportunity to share our learning with another. Her blog is fantastic for those who enjoy teacher-librarian reflections on Inquiry and IB experiences plus some pretty fantastic book reviews:


Couldn’t believe we had this dessert treat at the technology training. Dangerous with chocolate filling. YUM.

I began taking a four part technology class on how to create iPAD apps. I found it a little mind boggling but inspiring. I appreciated that in high school I took a Basic 1 and 2 computer programming class which I reached back to when thinking about programming language and logic in regards to telling the computer what to do. Now, if you learned how to create iPad app games, what would you create?

Our family was quiet this week. My son is over the flu but unfortunately he shared it with my husband who was pretty much out of commission for five days. I personally had to go to the doctor to check on why my darn hip has been killing me, still waiting on the doctor to contact me with results from an x-ray. It was interesting to experience going into a private office building down the street from my doctor’s office and walking into a private x-ray center. Barely anyone spoke English there so the gift of a hospital gown and the words “you change” were what guided me through that process. Hoping to resolve pain quickly since I appreciate mobility!

I’m getting ready to say goodbye to my fantastic assistant who is moving back to the UK, leaving her position in two weeks. My husband will be the substitute for the rest of this year while I search for a new assistant for the fall. Such a tough situation it is…

My kiddo and I took over 40 minutes walking around the neighborhood to find a restaurant to eat lunch at… we ended up at a Thai restaurant I tried a few times before but was quite neutral about… This time, we actually were quite happy, delicious meal at a decent lunch price.

Enjoying the weeks as they go by, quiet weeks, busy weeks, and in between weeks. Seven more weeks of school ahead for us. Looking forward to them!

I share thoughts 3-5 times per week on books, Hong Kong life, and technology.  I also have a Facebook page or meet up with me on Twitter. I appreciate all of the support, makes my day! Honored by all the wonderful followers, thank you very much! Would love if you followed my posts by going to right side of screen and subscribing.  Here are past posts on Hong Kong Transitions through the weeks: I bounce between professional and personal reflections.

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4 comments on “Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 42

  1. Ein Fitzpatrick-Bjorn
    May 12, 2013

    It was a quiet week in Lake HongKong 😉

  2. Bette
    May 18, 2013

    So fun to read what you are doing. Your programming experience sounds just like mine. When you figure out how to create the app I have an idea for one.

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