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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Week 40

Wow. We’ve hit 40 weeks that we’ve lived in Hong Kong. Is it starting to feel like home? Am I able to say, time to go home now instead of “Time to go back to the apartment?” Well, that fluctuates on a daily basis. My son is settling more. I think as long as he’s with us, he’s amazingly adaptable. My husband is the best partner… has kept me stable, volunteered for loads of hours at my school, has been patient constantly, and has been balanced in approaching life in another country with deciding new life goals. I’m grateful we have this time to sort out our passions, energies, and also continue to provide me the opportunity to continue with my career passion: being a teacher librarian.  Sure, the job has changed over time drastically, but that’s why I appreciate it. I like change. Especially when I can be introduced to it and mull over everything on my own… I think that is the reason why I appreciate working with technology as well. I can meet loads of new programs and then step back and think on how the resource will work to my benefit…

Enough of my random thoughts. So 40 weeks. We’ve explored, travelled, visited family and friends, and settled a bit over here in Asia. So what is next? A summer with no plans yet. (Yikes to humidity, shall see if we survive!) An independent visit for me to see a special teacher librarian friend in Okinawa in May. A school IB evaluation looming in a few weeks. (I appreciate how staff are taking care of things, finding out how to react to an evaluation in a manner that is valued over time versus just creating little projects temporarily.) A skeleton plan to visit New Zealand in the future. A hope to travel and visit areas in China. A goal to add more words to my Cantonese repertoire which is presently abysmal. And many more things…

Food: We visited a delicious restaurant called Cafe Locomotive, loved the Vietnamese food here, amazing. We have 8 items on the menu we’re looking forward to trying when we return!

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My whole school took Earth Day walks down a lovely street near the school. Enjoyed some of the views along the way… The grade levels went in rotations so that all 700 students didn’t walk at once. I was quite thrilled to see how many parents also participated!

Enjoyed the billiards place, entertaining place to socialize with colleagues.

Something my husband and I appreciate about Hong Kong is that when we notice that a building is vacated or a business has closed, quite soon another one will pop up. I’ve watched in the US for years with heartache the waste of space and businesses that closed with nothing else opening there for years. The thing that bothered me more was seeing how new construction is popping up nearby instead of using the space already created. So in Hong Kong, I’m pleasantly surprised by the new businesses that open. One was the smoothie shop right down the street from our house…

I decided to take a long walk through a mall while I listened to an audiobook. I love how I can be exposed to stores from around the world right in one mall. Sure, there are some US shops there but I’ve enjoyed learning about other places as well. I was thrilled to find out about another bookstore that had a wide selection of titles. It was so fun to discover a few titles that I really wanted to add to my school’s library collection.

Delicious Korean BBQ Restaurant my family randomly tried out. We enjoyed chatting with a friendly waiter who lived in Hawaii in the past.

So, overall, entertaining week with some delicious food.

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