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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update Week 38

I cannot get over this book. Brilliant!

I cannot get over this book. Brilliant!

Phew, what a week. Good to be settled back in Hong Kong. Enjoyed the visit to see family and friends in Oregon… This week at school was one where I struggled with jet lag and had many activities occurring.

My assistant and I enjoyed meeting with ALESS library colleagues in the Bradbury library… Nice to share my point of view with colleagues about a library renovation and hear opinions on a few new projects we’ve developed. I also liked how we were able to connect with a Hong Kong literacy organization and share a few favorite books! (I shared only three books- pretty good for me and my mouth when it starts talking about books!)
The books I shared were: The Trouble with the Alphabet by Caryn West, Open this Little Book by Jessie Klausmeier, and A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley. I also learned about a few other series like: The Time Riders series by Alex Scarrow and how I should try to read the Carnegie Long list… 

We enjoyed seeing Lenore Look for a second author visit, this time on Skype. Lovely to hear about the new Alvin Ho book and  listen to Lenore Look read aloud Brush of the Gods. Also fun to hear answers to questions that students had- plus communicate later to find out the news that there is a new question/answer page on Lenore’s blog: (first time I’ve seen an author page that welcomes questions in different languages!)

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I had a few hours to myself on Saturday, so I wandered around Central, HK. While I was there I zipped into a few used bookstores. I couldn’t believe how many popular books were available for very reasonable prices. *You must be willing to dig, lean over, lift piles of books to find those treasures! There were many graphic novels and Rainbow Magic series books. It was fun to grab a few book treasures at reasonable prices like Frecklejuice by Judy Blume, Babymouse Our Hero by Jennifer and Matthew Holm, Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon, and Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis… Also it was lovely to replenish a few requested series titles! I tried out my Vine app on my iPhone, worked for the most part but the quick video post included wouldn’t upload from Vine, I’ll get better through time at using it!

Book haul from used bookstore shopping:

Had a lovely weekend evening trying out another restaurant with a Groupon, great way to force yourself to try different places… BUT WE DISLIKED Tom Cruise’s new movie Oblivion. Really, we couldn’t find anything to justify our two hours of watching it.

Then after a long Sunday School morning, we enjoyed meeting up with another family for exploration around an area of Hong Kong we barely scratched before- Quarry Bay- Tai Koo – Sai Wan Ho… We enjoyed parks, exploring a retired fireboat, and a fun playground as well!

Here’s a quick movie from the walk to a park:

Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery- really cool: After I read the book Fireboat by Maira Kalman, I always wanted to see one up close… wish come true:

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Plus, we explored another delicious restaurant. (Forgot to take pictures… whoops. Delicious food.)

It was fun to connect and learn from another family that has been around longer and also works to accommodate and entertain their whole family in Hong Kong.

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  1. Alex Scarrow
    April 20, 2013

    Just a quick thankyou for giving the Timeriders series a mention. Hope you enjoy the books


    Alex Scarrow 🙂

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