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Quote from David: “Today is Thursday THIRSTday.”


Trouble with the Alphabet – Through the Eyes of the Innocent by Caryn West

A number of years ago I went to a hot air balloon festival. I didn’t know that I’d walk by one of the most powerful books I’d ever read while wandering around the fair. I was drawn to Caryn West’s book because of the gorgeous alphabet letters on display around the book with the most gorgeous children’s images. Little did I know that I’d encounter a book that provides you with a gorgeous, heartbreaking, powerful, and brilliant trip around the world through the eyes of children. The issues shared through a beautiful poem on each page after the letter and the child is introduced are heartbreaking. The following page which introduces an organization that helps children is hopeful. I love the videos that were created to accompany and promote this book. I had to special order this book and then bring it back from the US. It is huge. It is heavy. I was worried about luggage weight for many reasons, but this book was a huge one! I’ve shared this book treasure with most of my grade levels at my last school. I look forward to carefully sharing it at my new school. I mention carefully because I failed to warn my wonderful assistant about the power of this book and she mentioned after a browse that she couldn’t get through four pages without crying. So there’s my combination warning and recommendation. I love this book. I think it is one of those perfect PYP/IB books as well.

PS- Water bottle is my assistant’s = we love The Gruffalo!

Goodreads Summary: “The Trouble with the Alphabet, Through the Eyes of Innocence is an artistic and literary journey into the heart of human rights violations and suffering of children around the world. With one country represented by each letter of the alphabet, the book addresses the many heart wrenching issues plaguing the worlds children: genocide, child labor, human trafficking, the use of child soldiers, poverty, AIDS and the devastating effects of corrupt governments to name a few. It invites the reader to consider these issues through vibrant portraits that illustrate the emotions and vulnerability of each child. It challenges indifference and apathy through poetic messages, delivered as if through a childs eyes, messages that cut through the rhetoric and pierce the heart and soul. It clarifies the issues through short essays that aim to enlighten even the informed. Finally, it involves experts: organizations that provide answers, strategies and a platform for every reader to become a giver, a doer and an activist.
The foreword written by Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International USA and renowned human rights activist, states in this book, children, always the first to be hurt and harmed in any conflict, receive the full attention their innocence deserves. Talent, paint and prose become compelling instruments that Caryn uses in an unforgettable manner. The combination of the three lifts the veil of detachment and allows us to enter the room where a new day may dawn and convictions are born; convictions that energize and foment new action for decency and justice.
The Trouble with the Alphabet is a 12″x12″- coffee table book printed in the USA in High Definition Hexachrome. It has been manufactured using wind energy, 25% post consumer recycled FSC forest managed paper and vegetable based inks. In addition to being green it aims to raise awareness to these important issues and support the organizations involved.”

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2 comments on “Styling Librarian #Thirstday

  1. lenorelook
    April 11, 2013

    Wow. Must get! Thanks for sharing!

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