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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Update US Visit Edition Week 37

I mentioned quite often that we had a family trip to Oregon, USA planned over our two week Spring Break, here’s the recap…
Arriving we breathed in the clean air, even at the airport, and were met by my mom and dad after going through three different customs security agent areas. 
The first place we ate in Oregon was Panera Bread- one of our favorite places because there are so many yummy food choices.
We settled for a while at my parents’ house where I checked out my loot of shipped items that I preordered before we left Hong Kong (some ordered three months ago). We honestly fell asleep across their guest bed for a hour before we were able to drive to my sister and brother in law’s lovely house. The flight and time difference certainly took a lot out of us!
After we settled over there, we were treated to a home cooked meal and a little recovery time after flying for almost 12 hours…
I quickly thought of all the things we’ve missed since living in Hong Kong:
1. Strong bathroom fans.
2. Clothes dryer.
3. Dish washer.
4. Instant hot water when turning on the tap.
5. Spacious rooms.
6. Driving myself in a car to a location and parking with ease. (8 months without driving led to a happy moment of independence!)
Then I thought about how these all were things that most people in the world don’t have the benefit of…. moving on.
We visited with various groups of friends and family over 10 days. 

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Finding out about a sing-along in a park downtown, we quickly zipped down and joined in singing favorite old songs. My son’s favorite was Puff the Magic Dragon. Lovely surprise to listen to Pink Martini (a favorite band) and Storm Large singing in the park with hundreds and hundreds of people. (Getting smoothies from Ben and Jerry’s was wonderful as well.)

My husband enjoyed a trip to Mt. Bachelor for snowboarding fun.

I enjoyed going to my old school with my son to visit former co-workers and students. I even was invited to read a book in a few classes, what fun! (The two books I read were- The first chapter of: Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry – love that book… and Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa by Jeanette Winter- favorite author, hero biography) I also enjoyed taking pictures of some of the PYP actions/inquiry units going on at the school!

My son and I visited the Portland Zoo- there’s a baby elephant and a new flock of flamingos there that he was excited to visit.

Our family was lucky to have the time to visit, chat, and reflect with family and friends. I especially appreciated staying with my sister and brother in law and then my parent’s home as well. So wonderful to be welcomed in and settle comfortably with family and have time to chat and enjoy meals and more together…
Sitting back tonight (just before our flight back to Hong Kong) I thought about all the other things I’ve missed:
Quality time and conversation with family and friends, QUIET in a room without an air conditioner and dehumidifier going 24×7, hearing frogs croaking at night, walking down a sidewalk with space all around, visiting a public area without a crowd around the whole time, recognizing familiar voices of old friends and family from afar, smiles of my old colleagues and students, hugs from all- I truly absorbed so much energy from hugs these past two weeks, ease of a phone call anytime versus coordinating Skype, sending my son to play outside in a front/backyard, casual conversation, lounging with my family, holiday celebrations with family, road signs and restaurants I recognize, driving myself somewhere, impromptu play dates with close friends for my son, ease of reading road signs and anything I want without confusion, and all that comes with returning to familiar stomping grounds after being gone for 8 months.
What a visit… I brought back numerous books for my school (held myself back from buying so many titles!) and library materials that we couldn’t get shipped to Hong Kong like Caldecott/Newbery seals and book repair materials. I will post about books purchased on another day.
Our dog is quite happy that we returned and I have many things to sort out before returning to work tomorrow! Also am starting on books I’ve been eager to open, good to have a transition day!
Shall see when our next trip to the US is, probably Spring Break 2014! — We’re still debating our future. We certainly committed to Hong Kong for two years, but we’re unsure what we’ll do beyond that time. It is interesting to have that future discussion.

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