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Styling Librarian Technology Online Feature Smore

Continuing to feature online resources on my blog! This month I am featuring my favorite resource sharing tool with staff, Smore. I use Smore to organize online resources for staff when they have a new curriculum unit. I also use it for library outreach newsletters and publicity. Once I used Smore for ten minutes I realized how powerful and simplistic it can be.The one that helps me organize my thoughts, save a load of time, and also protect me from looking a little nuts when it comes to sharing favorite new resources. Resource I count on:  Only2Clicks Styling Librarian SiteSmore,  Evernote, Facebook Styling Librarian pageTwitterPaper.LiWordPressDiigoHootSuite, and Pinterest.

Smore Featured Video:

Smore pages I shared in the video:

World Awareness:


Staff News:

I’ve committed to a mostly-monthly video sharing a favorite online resource, the first one was Diigo- link here and the second was Hootsuite, third one was Only2Clicks

Now, what are my next goals?

Create a video about my favorite iPad/iPhone apps for students! This will include ebooks as well.

Collect all my overwhelmed thoughts from the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong in one post. – still thinking on this…

Experiment with a new video editing tool: Popcorn Maker

Try out Tackkboard a little more… tried it out once with a collected resource to connect with Unusual Creatures.

Again I repeat: Overall, I feel like trying something new online is refreshing and my past skills make the transfer to a new program easy to grow accustomed to. Like dancing, you have basic moves down, so when you are introduced to new ones the basics get automatically incorporated in…


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5 comments on “Styling Librarian Technology Online Feature Smore

  1. BookChook (@BookChook)
    March 30, 2013

    Looking forward to favourite apps/ebooks!

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