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Styling Librarian: Reading Reflection #kidlit

IMG_3801I was inspired by this blog post:

Thought I’d challenge my students to write on a google survey about their reading secrets… but also thought it would be fun to reflect on things about me as a reader, will I ever get to 100? Doubt it, but a fun idea:

1. I have this tendency to be dying to read a book and then when I finally have it, I tuck it away for a while because I still relish the thought of having it and am not ready read and be done with it yet…

2. I miss my 10,000 book collection I accumulated with my husband’s partnership through the years and almost completely gave away last summer. I am slowly accumulating and now look at books through a different set of pained eyes.

3. When I’m in a conversation about books, I hate when I forget an author/illustrator and will have it wracking in the back of my mind for ages, i.e.: the reason I adore having an iPhone where I can look things up quickly.

4. I adore giving book recommendations.

5. I endeavor to write recommendation book lists on my blog for every genre I love.

6. I feel guilt walking by bookshelves filled with books I haven’t read.

7. I have heartache when I walk by a bookstore without going in.

8. Piling up- always are ARC, advanced readers copies, plus book purchases from my school.

9. Walking into Salvation Army and Goodwill always leads me to the book sale area instead of looking at clothes… I tend to find a treasure or 5.

10. I rarely can get my son to read a book independently but have accepted that for now he treasures reading with my husband and I instead. My happy moment is when I do have a book I’ve strategically placed out that he picks up and gets lost in…

11. I never get through all the professional books I hope to read until the summer. My favorite professional books are ones with personal stories mixed throughout like The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller and Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire by Rafe Esquith.

12. I almost never read the end of the book first. If I do it is because I’m anxious about reviews I’ve already read.

13. I really miss the best public library system that included inter-library loans from loads of libraries… Used to reserve and read newly released books within a week or two.

14. I usually judge a book within 20 pages. I don’t give up on a book for over 100 pages. Often don’t put down a book unless it is terrible.

15. I appreciate using my iPad to highlight and write notes when I’m reading a novel. I’ve found I’m doing so for books more consistently than I do with regular texts.

16. Golden Lines: I love watching for golden lines and used to take notes on them… failed to do so lately. A personal goal to begin the habit again…

17. Appreciate reading these #bookgap books lately, forces me to enjoy books I normally wouldn’t touch beyond a glance.

18. I’ve said author and character names incorrectly after reading 1-8 books in a series or by an author. My most memorable mispronunciations were Cornelia Funke, John Sciesczka, and Eoin Colfer.

19. I have avoided saying titles and author names sometimes in front of students through the years when I know they’ll burst out giggling. Other times I’ve purposefully picked books with fun titles to catch my students’ attention…

20. I did a library hunt last year for funny call numbers with my students. For example books by Bill Peet= E PEE – love library humor!

21. Book Trailers- sometimes I don’t want to watch them all the way through if I haven’t read a book, as bad as reading a book blurb, don’t want to have too much information before reading the book.

22. I love some books others hate. I additionally adore making time for brain candy titles.

23. My favorite books as a teen were Archie Comics and Josie and the Pussycats. Also Danielle Steele, V.C. Andrews, Christopher Pike, Whitley Streiber, Eileen Gouge Swept Away Series (teen romance)… only “quality” literature I read was everything by Noel Streatfield, Madeleine L’Engle, L.M. Montgomery and any book on the Holocaust I could read at the time. (I played a load of catch up in college reading books I should have read as a teen.)

24. When I read a book, I have to take breaks and often I only read for 5-10 minute stretches if the book provides reflective moments. Other times I’ll read for three hours straight, unfortunately, my strongest reading occurs when I should be asleep or doing another task.

25. I adore books with chapter headings.

26. I often get really frustrated after struggling through a book to discover there is a character chronology or language definitions at the back. E-Readers do not help with this at all.

27. I adore graphic novels and pick up every one I can to browse. Often that is the first area I slow down to browse in the bookstore.

28. I read every single Trixie Belden mystery series book when I was 10 but never was interested in Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys.

29. Fantasy/Science Fiction is my favorite genre.

30. I tend to be drawn to reading YA books more often recently.

31. If I read an adult book, it is often as an audiobook.

32. I’ve had multiple copies of Wonder by R.J. Palacio and given away a few, one (autographed copy) was lost in school mail when I sent it for a friend to read, and one had coffee spilled on it. I now have a pretty, interesting to touch, paperback copy a colleague puchased for me after the coffee incident. Learning to let go and not get upset over books has been a healthy change. 5 years ago I probably would have cried over the same situation.

33. I rode around in a bookmobile for a few days during my library master’s program. I sadly found it incredibly… boring. Especially after reading numerous bookmobile related books. The person who drove the bookmobile was not exciting or happy about the job, at all. I’ve dreamed about riding in a different bookmobile which was more appreciated/celebrated but not sure if I’d have to travel back in time…

34. I thought initially about going into law school in my teens and found the law library organization fascinating. Even more so than the Dewey Decimal System for a while.

35. I have to alternate between reading an early chapter book/graphic novel/picture book when I’ve finished reading a novel. Otherwise I have a difficult time pulling myself out of one story to enjoy the next.

36. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is one of my favorite books of all time but A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is what got me to begin reading after a few years of being in a slump. My best friend gave it to me our first year of knowing one another. One of my most treasured gifts!

37. I am nuts about meeting authors and find nothing more fun than to hear how they come about writing a book, what inspired them, how they researched for a book, and what they’re presently working on.

38. I have two boxes I preserved full of autographed books from favorite authors over the years.

39. I need to learn to balance time better, reading is a preference over sleeping, has been for a long time…

40. I was mortified but secretly proud that my dad was a poetry orator and would perform poems on carpools. I personally can spout out poems as well… Love reading poetry books, immensely.

41. My mom read aloud to me until I was 9, still have a strong memory of a burglar creeping around on our back porch when my mom was reading aloud Mrs. Piggle Wiggle with me. (Our dog growled for the first time ever and we called the police. Person was caught…)

42. I live to visit used bookstores, favorite being Powells Books in Portland, Oregon. Miss visiting but finding a few places here in Hong Kong.

43. I always carried around a book in my purse and purposefully chose lighter books so that my shoulder didn’t hurt. Now, I’m carrying around my mini-iPad and appreciating the choices but feel guilty about books I’m neglecting. The worst is to stand in a line or wait in a office for an appointment without a book in hand. *Don’t get me wrong, I value being bored and also having quiet thinking time.

44. I love listening to audiobooks instead of listening to random radio broadcasts in Chinese taxi cabs. I’ve learned that in cabs and buses I get terribly carsick if I try to read…

45. I visited the library with my mom on a weekly basis even though it was far from our house, showed me the value of visiting as a child.

46. My family knows that after I finish reading a novel I often need at least a half an hour to reflect and recover. I love being around someone who has finished the book before me at the end. That conversation is quite valued…

47. I love to read memoirs, scientific books, and random novels like The Help when I’m on long flights. My favorites were all books by Oliver Sacks and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

48. I’m happy when I discover a book treasure that was published years ago. After developing a school library collection for 12 years at one school, there were few books I hadn’t read in the collection. Now that I am at a new library there are books all over the place I haven’t enjoyed yet, enjoying the experience of working my way through them!

Shall see if I have more reading reflections/secrets later on this year… 🙂

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4 comments on “Styling Librarian: Reading Reflection #kidlit

  1. Beth Sailor
    March 14, 2013

    I LOVE your list. Books are full of healing.

  2. Rachel -
    March 19, 2013

    I like the golden lines reference, we call them, “Writing treasures,” in my classroom XO Rachel 🙂


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