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Styling Librarian Week 32 Hong Kong Update

I am in a book mood. A good book mood, not a bad book mood. A glad, grateful, not sad book mood. I’ve been enjoying the books that arrived in my close-to-last book order of the year. Getting to finally read those books that you’ve been reading your friend’s reviews of is fantastic when you enjoy the book. I’ll blog about specific books on Monday but for now, here’s my update.
**I heard from a few people they aren’t receiving my blog updates (weird, my husband and I are)– the only thing I can think is that email accounts might be popping me in the spam folder… Funny enough, I did find some of my favorite blogger posts in my spam folder along with one of my posts as well!
Here’s a video of my office soon after the book delivery and you can see a glimpse of books I got excited about:
Also, here’s a glimpse of my reading world at home:

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On Tuesday, I enjoyed meeting up with fellow teacher librarians and library assistants at the monthly ALESS meeting. I really appreciate connecting with colleagues from all around Hong Kong and also one who travels in from mainland China. I had a book conversation on the MTR (train) ride home — 1 1/2 hour train ride back and forth, ech. So first we talked about discarding books and how some are appropriate/inappropriate in the collection. Then we moved to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas which was a book in an elementary library, brilliant book, not so appropriate in elementary. Then we talked about the brilliant Morris Gleitzman’s book series: Once, Then, After, Now… What a powerful World War II book for children to connect with… then we moved to talking about refugee books and how there are some that we both know that are published in different areas: I personally loved reading Gleam and Glow by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Peter Sylvada published in America about a family who dealt with being refugees and their process and lengthy time it took to move back and she was really excited about a book called Home and Away by John Marsden, illustrated by Matt Ottley which was published in Australia. This made me reflect back on a quick but important comment my assistant said to me our first week of working together: “Debbie, you may be quite connected with a book and the theme from the US but often you’ll find a book similar published in the UK or Australia and that probably is sitting on our shelf.” (Now you see why I’ve been carefully reading as many books as I can off the bookshelves!) I love finding book connections, counterparts, and literary doppelgängers. 


On the other hand, I do still wince when I think about that book Lenore Look and I found on the shelf that looked quite like a copy of Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.What a fun career it is when I steal time to read at home… rarely at work unless I stay quite late! (I chuckled over a school colleague whose eyes popped out when I admitted that I usually try read every new book that enters the library. Honestly, if I don’t become familiar with the collection, I’ll feel a little worthless and probably would purchase books in duplicate by accident.) 
I appreciated how many have taken up blogging challenges for World Book Day and took the time to take images of my reading life at home… (Above slide show) I’m excited because my son discovered a new early chapter book he’s excited about reading on the bus and at home: Secret Agent Jack Stalwart book 1 The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur by Elizabeth Singer Hunt, thrilled…
Other random bits of the week: In which my husband and I attend a parent teacher conference and realize that we do not understand one thing our son is working on, but he’s quite productive:

Pictures taken after an inspiring student said to me: “Mrs. Alvarez, you know, some people miss out on the little nature things, like this seed…”

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Enjoyed book breakfast with my colleagues- treated them to book reserves, cookies, coffee and tea! Our focus this time was on new books in categories and then on professional collection updates. You can see a few sticky notes on books, those are the ones teachers reserved for future use. We lent out around 30 reserves that morning.


Finally, I’ve had a long l-o-n-g walking weekend. A good weekend. An exhausting weekend. My husband took windsurfing classes for two days and came home tonight pretty confident and pleased with progress. I had our kiddo and all his activities for the weekend. Plus our sweet dog to take care of… So, thought I’d show a glimpse of the day:

First we rode the MTR and then ran around 5 blocks over to the Discovery Bay ferry terminal and caught a ferry over for a wonderful play date. Discovery Bay is a wonderful place but some friends might remember how I feel about riding on ferries/being on the water… I reflected that morning on Wonder by R.J. Palacio and how a long while ago I thought that Auggie’s play date was quite a long endeavor. Now, here I am going an hour by a few modes of transport to provide my son with a little time with a friend… worth it of course, just made me think:

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Then we zipped over to Sheung Wan for soccer practice, really, it is soccer practice, Soccer Milan- not football with this organization- which we took a ferry and then a quick MTR ride and then walked 6 blocks over to the soccer field that was right at the waters edge where a quick boat was taking people to Macau and a helicopter pad (helipad) was at the top of a building… The soccer instructors really reminded me of my son’s soccer classes in Oregon with game after game for skill practice and then a quick fun soccer match at the end. The parents there also reminded me of Oregon parents- the quiet ones watching from the sidelines, the loud cell phone talkers, the stand at the sidelines and coach/yell at their child ones, and the ones who laugh at the whole thing (me)…

Once we were done running from place to place, my son convinced me to bring him to the library, how can I turn that down? We met a few girls he’s friends with and they zipped around the library looking for books on spies. After a while I grew tired of their process and showed them the correct dewey number, so tired I was… And they selected four spy books to research with on Monday. I borrowed them and now my kiddo will be bringing them to school for them to investigate their odd mystery.

And we came home with spy books, enjoyed dinner and a load of down time… but then I zipped out with my husband and enjoyed a delicious dinner and big band swing dance evening for a few hours. Danced for a few songs and then crashed for the evening.

You’re thinking to yourself, Debbie, when did you READ? On the ferry, MTR, soccer field-even though it was raining, at the apartment, and in the library I used my mini-iPad and immensely enjoyed reading a Netgalley copy of Hide and Seek by the talented, amazing Kate Messner. Shall review soon. (A reader always has a book along… it is a desperate moment when I find myself without a book!)

Sunday was a tiny bit quieter although my son and I did take a two hour walk around Wan Chai and Causeway Bay and I also took an hour walk with a friend while my son was at Sunday School. It was a walking weekend!

Final picture- my son jumped up and down and pointed up at the mountain when we were walking back from an errand “Mommy, there’s our school, there’s Bradbury! Sure enough, our school is up there! (Had to take a picture!)


PS: I will post soon about the brilliant Alan Gibbons author visit to Bradbury School…

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12 comments on “Styling Librarian Week 32 Hong Kong Update

  1. lenorelook
    March 4, 2013

    Glad to see I made it into another one of your posts! LOVE Declan’s Chinese characters! He’s fantastic!

    • The Styling Librarian
      March 4, 2013

      You’re still on my mind! 🙂 Love those Chinese characters too! I hope to learn more/get new words added to my vocabulary.

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