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Styling Librarian Week 31 Update

IMG_4231I thought I would reflect on phrases/sayings that threw me the first (and second) time I heard them, some even made me giggle at times- my patient assistant and other colleagues who dealt with my adjusting experience! *Some of my former Oregon students have had a difficult time with my explanation about teaching at an international school, mainly because they’ve assumed that there are mostly students from China in the school. There are students from all over the world at my school- Hong Kong, China, Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, various places in Europe, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and from most continents… The staff at my school are from Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Australia, India, UK, and more locations. Two are from Canada. No one else is from the US.
Here are words I’ve been tracking since November (sorry, bet there are many more that just seem simply normal now)– also, my husband mentioned to me that he was familiar with half of these already, so perhaps I’m showing my ignorance here… thought I had a pretty extensive vocabulary for being well read but…
Words and sayings that gave me pause since moving to Hong Kong:
Quick squiz = peek
Sexed = animal gets fixed
strong constitution = healthy body
head torch/torch = flashlight
mobile = cell/cell phone
pigeon hole = mailbox
fob/fudge = pass
moreish = want more
peckish = hungry
plonker = dunce
queue = line
pop out = come over
good on you = awesome
throw my dolly out the pram = blew up/got angry
made redundant = laid off
wee = pee
post = nice
paddi = temper tantrum
Bin = garbage can
shattered = exhausted
Ok, on the other hand, people have had to adjust to my “thick American accent”- as a Year 6 student told me… Plus I use a load of random expressions that I don’t even notice I’m saying but others tend to be amused by, a few were pointed out lately:
Gee Criminy Crickets
Sweet Googly Moogly
Rock on
(I admit, my former students in Oregon also thought my random expressions were amusing as well.)
It was a busy work week. My assistant and I were thrilled to have the library system come back online after 2 1/2 weeks on Tuesday and checked out over 1200 books one evening and the next day checked in over 1200 books… We finally were able to work on various projects through the week and actually resolved a few quirky computer issues as well. I did have some down time to enjoy sights here and there. For example, as I was walking back from where the bus stop is to the MTR station on my way back from work, I noticed this impressive snake in a window:
Hip hooray for year of the snake creative window displays!


My family also enjoyed trying out a new restaurant that had some darn delicious, mostly healthy Taiwanese fusion food: vegetarian burger with a delicious sweet honey bun and a yummy egg wrap that almost everyone went up to sample (brand new restaurant that opened 2 weeks ago, I liked that there was outdoor barstool seating with a good awning above… – S-Yoco… It was a bit of a wait for my son’s burger but he claimed it was worth every minute. I wouldn’t really recommend their pepper noodles as much unless you eat pork- I found them quite plain but spicy since I insisted on not having pork.
Right at the end of our lunch, we heard some unmistakable drumming- more dragon dancers and drummers! They were going to every local business and honoring their store for the new year (or so we decided from all the actions). Enjoyed a finale of sorts to the Chinese New Year festivities.
I also enjoyed visiting a dollar store (really, it is around $1.50 USD) that we’ve visited before and found their art supplies were fascinating. I used to crochet and knit for years and find materials available amusing. There are many random objects at that store. For example- chair leg covers and felt ready for animal creations. I enjoyed grabbing some felt for a project I’m working on and a new drawing paper packet for my son who has worked through all the paper he had before… I also took a few pictures of some deliciously tempting stores that I’ve walked by lately. Slideshow with more pictures below!
Chair Leg CoversIMG_4190IMG_4191
Had a few fun events celebrating Purim with my son and now am ready to wrap up the week by clearing out my growing email box which also means addressing some commitments coming up on the blog! Shall share soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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13 comments on “Styling Librarian Week 31 Update

  1. lenorelook
    February 24, 2013

    What a fun post! Love your word list! Takes me back to Bradbury and HK all over again. Thanks!

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