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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 30 Update

Can you believe it? I’m writing about life over here in Hong Kong for the 30th time! (Well, probably additional times as well but still… officially 30 times…) I sometimes have to pause and celebrate those little accomplishments. So, this past week was lovely, healing, peaceful, sunny, beautiful, family-focused, and full of reading and walking- sometimes simultaneously!

I already shared a little bit about life during the Chinese New Year celebrations, but thought I’d share a few adventures through the week. I visited three bookstores during the week, tried to visit two others but they were closed… Also met up with a friend who introduced me to a new coffee shop that is sure to be an addictive place to visit- Holly Brown – walking into that place made me drool, ice cream plus coffee plus dessert treats were heaven. Today I brought my family there and just took a few breaths as they wanted to go to a different place but loved the delicious aroma!

Dymocks in the IFC Mall in Central was fun to wander around. Bought a new Captain Underpants #10 book. What fun to enjoy.

Then I walked down the hall in IFC and found another bookstore I personally loved in another area of Central- they’re all over! Bookazine…

Enjoyed wandering around the malls and then trying out food in new places…

IMG_4059 IMG_4058

For some reason I’m fascinated by deliveries to grocery stores. Last week I saw how a delivery is dropped off on a sidewalk and then a metal slide is temporarily installed down a set of stairs for food deliveries to be slid down… Now I was amused to see how a delivery truck has to park up a street and the delivery is rolled down the street and then quickly crossed and rolled into the store. Creativity in the face of limited parking and delivery situations!

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We took a day to visit Cheung Chau Island- the one I went to with my Year 4 students for camp. Wanted to experience the island with family… We enjoyed the visit. It did take over an hour to get our food, frustrating but then we had time to wander all over the place.

Our favorite stop was at Taiwanese Shaved Ice stand, amazing, delicious, melt-in your mouth treat…

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The next day we took the time to visit the Hong Kong Art Museum. Honestly, my son went there a week ago to connect with his art inquiry unit at his school. I love visiting art museums and we have a pass that lets us go into almost all museums around Hong Kong. It was interesting to visit the exhibit of Andy Warhol creations. I loved seeing his paintings he created on endangered species, Muhammad Ali, and all the pop art, especially his pieces connected with Jean-Michel Basquiat- a favorite artist I think of often… When my son visited the exhibit he enjoyed the tour with a guide so he had fun touring me around the exhibit this time. We also visited other exhibits at the museum and were amazed by the age of some of the pieces. Loved the hands on learning zone in the Chinese Antiquities Corner, especially that we were able to try out art rubbings.

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IMG_4149 IMG_4148 IMG_4150

We loved visiting Flying Pancake in Central, I was quite excited to enjoy waffles for the first time in months! Delicious food as well.

After we enjoyed brunch, we wandered around Central/Sheung Wan which had numerous cool places to visit… My favorite was this odd home store called Homeless that sold the quirkiest things. I would love to buy some of these for gifts. Entertaining place to wander and get lost in. Fun things to look at- check them out!

I love wandering around and discovering new things. I also enjoy reading loads of books more, so shall share about them tomorrow!

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