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Styling Librarian #TreatTuesday


Thanks to Twitter Friends for creating a delicious meme- Treat Tuesday.

I’ll go with a book and a treat.

Happy to report I’ve begun reading another Jordan Sonnenblick book: Zen and the art of faking it 

Completely enjoying the voice, storyline, and empathizing with characters already. Also, I’ve actually been planning to read this book for quite a while because it was part of the Oregon Battle of the Books High School lists in some past year.


So last week I confessed to eating all the peach candies before getting to the photo, here’s another confession: I have a huge sweet tooth. For years, the only way I could calm it was with gum. When I was a teen I got the WORST headaches, for a while people thought they were migraines but in the end, the doctors realized (deduced) I inflicted them mostly on myself with gum chewing and teeth grinding. So, I sadly confess to my next treat tuesday photo: I still chew gum, ONLY A LITTLE BIT THOUGH! After dinner I’ve found that this little hard candy rectangle of minty happiness is the perfect treat to stop me from eating a chocolate bar whole. It will not only distract me from candy but it will also help me focus into whatever project I’ve brought home from work. My jaw tells me when I’ve hit 5 minutes and then, poof, out it goes and I continue on with the evening.

Another random thing about gum. We brought our regular gum over from the US, you know the kind with wrappers and such, and found that it DISINTEGRATED when we tried to chew it!! Oddest thing. We decided it had to do with the humidity but perhaps that is a science investigation for our family in the future. In any case, the gum in this picture is the only kind we usually use. If we get individually wrapped gum here, it is tougher and thicker than the gum we were used to in the past. Hmm. Who knew I had so much to share on gum.

Back to reading now.

Happy day all!


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2 comments on “Styling Librarian #TreatTuesday

  1. DEBtastic Reads!
    February 5, 2013

    I will add ZEN to my reading list! I’m intrigued! And like you, I can no longer chew gum because it aggravates my jaw (click click click). Here’s to great books and sweet tooths (sweet teeth?)!

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