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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Week 27 Update

Well, this has been one odd week. Sick at the beginning, two days of in school work, then three days of attending 21st Century Learning Conference here in Hong Kong. Now, Sunday and I’m almost feeling settled enough to focus on posting!

Here’s my quick reflection on the past week in Hong Kong.

First off, I’m thrilled, honored, and tickled pink that my son was featured on Lenore Look’s blog. I love how her voice pops out even with a thoughtful blog post and cannot wait for the new Alvin Ho book to come out this Spring. (Neither can my students!)

We explored a tiny area of Central, Hong Kong and found an interesting Starbucks. The way the displays and layout were set up, it was not your normal Starbucks. Here’s a glimpse of their moving art display I found interesting/distracting.

Now, I normally do not frequent Starbucks even though there is one just a block from my apartment. I tend to drink coffee from the supermarket, under $1 US each, and happily frequent Cafe O on Sundays as my indulgence. But I don’t mind a family outing with a yummy smoothy drink at Starbucks once in a while.

Work zipped by for me since I was only there on Tuesday and Wednesday but I was able to open new book deliveries and also wrap up going through the multiple copy books and big books that I’ve been working on weeding and reorganizing. Here’s an example of my dusty/dirty fingers after finishing for a day with the project:

Dirty Fingers

I really enjoyed the first day of the 21st Century Learning International Conference. I met people from all around Hong Kong and Asia including people flying in from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and China. Such a vast array of perspectives and experiences. A friend told me, it is one of the biggest gathering of tech geeks you can experience here in Asia!

The first day I attended a teacher librarian pre-conference workshop led by Debbie Abilock who I have followed for years and highly admired. Her presentation and workshop was on Designing “Friction” into an Engaging Research Process and was packed with ideas, tips, webpages, resources, and tricks. I still haven’t wrapped my brain around everything I heard that day but am working on organizing a google doc that I might share soon enough on this blog! I was thrilled to chat with Debbie Abilock about my interests, blogs, and persistence in writing and cannot wait to keep up with her.

At the end of the workshop, there was a 2 hour break before the opening keynote presentation, so I went with some newly met teacher librarian friends on a walk around the area we were at… here’s a quick exploring video down by the waterfront. I thought it was beautiful and quite refreshing after being in a building in a chair for mostly six hours. If you put your mouse over the pictures, you can see some of my random thoughts…

So after exploring, I enjoyed a keynote speaker and two more days of presentations. As I mentioned before I’ll post on my reflections and key take-away ideas soon in a post. If you want a glimpse of my favorite things and many others as well, you could go to the Eventifier that was created for the conference. Or you could visit my Tweets or others with #21CLHK hashtag.

For now, here’s my pride showing: I found my way back and forth on the MTR (train that runs through Hong Kong) over an hour both ways and across four switches where I get out of one train and find another train’s location to catch to another place until I arrive at my destination. Honestly, I have quite the tendency to misplace myself, so I’m shocked to be actually getting around so smoothly.

After enjoying the last day of the conference, I went with my wonderful husband and tried out a new-to-us Indian restaurant, Tulsi, delicious. Then picked out a new tool that I’m sure to use daily.

Happy week to you!

Thanks so much for the follows! Would love if you followed my posts by going to right side of screen and subscribing. I share thoughts 3-5 times per week on books, Hong Kong life, and technology.  I also have a Facebook page or meet up with me on Twitter. I appreciate all of the support, makes my day! Honored by all the wonderful followers.

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17 comments on “Styling Librarian Hong Kong Week 27 Update

  1. Lsacker
    January 28, 2013

    Once more thanks for mix of travelogue and library stuff. Always a delight to read. I travel virtually with you in Hong Kong,

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