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Styling Librarian: Thirst Day Jan 17th 2013 #ThirstDay

Thanks to David Etkin for this Thirst Day Meme:

Quote from David: “Today is Thursday THIRSTday.”

I’m in the middle of reviewing an eBook that comes in PDF form, it is slightly annoying to read these books because the formatting hurts my eyes… leads to a slower read.

I came across this little, thoughtful treasure on the bookshelf: Magpie by Luke Davies, illustrated by Inari Kuiru…

HarperCollins Magpie review: “My father and I. We went to the edge of the falls for revenge, To find my attacker the magpie… Luke Davies′ poem ′Childhood Terror′ describes in 9 lines the fear of a magpie attack and a boy′s reaction as his father helps him face that fear. Together, author and illustrator have created a wonderful picture book that takes this poem and turns into a story of a dog and his pup on a journey to find the magpie. Brilliantly realised, the illustrations bring a whole new level to Davies′ poetry. Tender, funny and courageous. For ages 5-7. ′There are many gaps between the written and illustrative texts for the reader to construct their own narrative. Subsequent readings reveal items not seen in the first reading, making this a book to revist often. The endearment between father and son is obvious with the very last illustration a soft confirmation of this.′ Magpies: ′This is a book to linger over′ The Weekend Australian.”


Was excited to find an interview video for this as well.


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