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Styling Librarian Hong Kong Week 25 Update

Bradbury 6The transition week back to school, always zips by and additionally exhausts me. I’m presently knee deep in weeding an area of the library that I’ve been honestly dreading- the compactor or what I used to call the multiple copy book collection. The compactor is quite large but still books are exploding on the top, in nooks and crannies, and on the side as well. There are many books in the collection that I am certain haven’t been borrowed in multiple years. Additionally, I sat back and absorbed a mingling of Australia/UK/US reading programs all mixed in one area. There are loads of readers theater, poetry, novels, genres, non-fiction, easy readers, early chapter books, and quite a fantastic world awareness multiple copy collection. I was quite impressed with how well rounded the collection is… and my job is to weed it. So far I’ve probably weeded 200 or so books… I have two more hidden areas of books I have to weed before I get to think about bringing the exploding books down into the compacter and adding new books to that collection. *See picture above, the wheels do spin and each section holds hundreds of books!

Today I went to an area where I thought there were more multiple copy books but instead there were HUNDREDS of posters all lovely in separate hanging bags… made me sit back and wonder… why do we have posters? They are posters from the last twenty years that people had passed to the library and then forgot including old calendars, photographs, class curriculum sets, and postcards. My fingers were black after going through all the dusty poster bags and I decided that I needed to remember a message I received from a teacher librarian workshop I attended recently: “The library is not an archive, what you hold within your walls reflects your future and presents that image to your public.”  To my teacher librarian friends out there, do you have posters catalogued in your library? I never did in the past but thought I’d check and see what other collections are like.

Now, on to Hong Kong…
Thought I’d just share about food we’ve enjoyed lately.

Best dish when we were in Vietnam:


People keep telling me that I’m in the best place on earth for food… Unfortunately, I’m not too confident finding restaurants that I can understand enough to order food at… gratefully, my husband is getting us to various restaurants through Groupon. We did enjoy a few places though:
(The best thing is that my husband frequents a Hong Kong Groupon site which brings us to restaurants all over the place…)
First, we went to a delicious vietnamese sandwich place, Delicieux Bistro, in the MidLevels which had amazing, flavorful, melt in your mouth sandwiches that I highly recommend. – The place is just around the corner from a second-hand book shop, joy!


On a lovely date night with my husband, we visited an amazing sushi place in Wan Chai, Robatayaki – it had melt-in-your-mouth salmon sushi. I also loved the prawn sushi, fantastic. Another day, we went to a bamboo noodle place, Kwan Kee Bamboo Noodles in Cheung Sha Wan, that was not as fantastic as I expected. Perhaps because pork was mixed into most of the meal… I liked the cucumbers! The noodles were yummy enough. I learned to NEVER go into the back to the squatty potty that is past the kitchen and dish cleaning area after eating a meal in a restaurant in that area, euch. Grossed me out quite a bit… We watched No Reservations episode set in Hong Kong a while ago and saw how the noodles were made and so we were quite excited to try them out… We’ll continue trying things out- found a post on some good places to try!

Decided to try a few places that had comfort food- Gourmet Burger Union and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – Quite delicious!

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Enjoyed visiting a few places to explore Hong Kong this week, so visited a bookstore, Cosmos Books, (purchased the new Captain Underpants #9) and also visited the Hong Kong Space Museum, entertaining with many interactive resources, shall return for an IMAX movie soon:

*Was quite excited about this post on Hong Kong Museums for kids, going to try out one museum a week if we can (we paid for a family pass way back in July but haven’t used it at all:

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