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In my opinion, books are the best accessory.

Styling Librarian: #TreatTuesday


Thanks to Twitter Friends for creating a delicious new meme- Treat Tuesday.

I’ll go with a book and a treat.

This week, I know I’ll be a little bit off on my reading- distracted by work back in action, so I’ll take a day or two to finish the finale to The Legendeer Trilogy, Warriors of the Raven by Alan Gibbons. I took a quick picture of the book with two bags of candy that my son and husband were randomly handed when sitting in a public park by our apartment. The person said “Happy New Years” and walked away. I’ll appreciate that randomness but also stop and study the candy I suppose (“don’t take candy from strangers” looming in my mind).

Wait til you see the candy we have access to here in Hong Kong! Looking forward to having the excuse of enjoying a treat a week.

Thanks to my fantastic twitter friends for the meme! I wouldn’t mind a book party every day!
Also, have you seen TeachMentorText’s post on 
Jen’s 2013 Bookish Un-Boring List! – quite inspired by the ideas here… Especially the paper mache book art idea, ideas are popping already! Also, Jen decided to do a #bookpic every day with a different book- wouldn’t that be fun to see the books you’ve enjoyed each day of the year? I’ve seen other 365 picture series, looking forward to a book picture series. Lovely way to reflect back on the books of the year with the conclusion.


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