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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 21

I thought this week was zipping by and then Wednesday felt like Friday, Thursday felt like Friday, and Friday just zipped by… Can’t believe that soon it will be winter break and my family will have another travel opportunity, this time we’re visiting Vietnam. We are quite excited to have our eyes opened to another place in our world. Living in the present though-  I was excited and enjoyed this past week because:


1. My son turned 7, I love how I can be an independent individual and simultaneously have this bright light of happiness guide my life…

We began the day with a fruit Angry Bird thanks to my persistent husband:

We went to two places to find the right fruit the night before to make this special breakfast…

 Videos of the fruit search for the angry bird fruit breakfast:

Plus The Hobbit movie was released, my family loved it as a special evening birthday treat! I don’t care what critics say, it was beautiful and was fantastic for bringing a story that I read multiple times to life. Looking forward to the other two movie releases in the next few years! 


2. Hanukah began, I love traditions and community. The community that I moved into here in Hong Kong is a beautiful place filled with people who enjoy helping others, socializing, and celebrating life. I appreciated participating in a Mitzvah (good deeds) day which had groups of volunteers going all over Hong Kong to help out people in need. My son and I wrapped presents for children in need. Nice to reverse the normal “want/need” gift focus that sometimes occurs during holiday times.

3. At school it was team planning week in which each day a different grade level team has the whole day to plan and collaborate, reflect on past units and prepare units for the coming months. I loved attending these meetings. They certainly added more to the work load but in a beneficial, exciting way. I especially appreciated that I’m at the point of being comfortable speaking up, offering my services both online and as a teacher to support classroom learning needs. I’ll post soon on how much I love Smore and Only2Clicks… great resources for organizing the ideas I need to share for teams. 

4. I learned that there were some literary events to enjoy, anticipation!  Children’s illustrators and their work are a personal obsession so when I learned about a special children’s book illustrations exhibit/art sale going on here in Hong Kong, I was quite excited:

I went there with my son. After many admitted mishaps- from walking accidentally from Sheung Wan to Central and back again, we arrived and walked around some gorgeous pieces of art. I got lost looking through this book:



And loved looking at these pieces of art:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Then we went to a birthday party up by Kennedy Town. – Must say, as small as Hong Kong is, I’m quite overwhelmed sometimes by the enormity of it. This was one of those nights, especially since it took over an hour and thirty minutes to get home on a bus. Great place for kids to play!

I learned about another literary event coming up that was too incredible to pass by- Logos Hope -the world’s largest floating bookstore. It is a floating bookstore people! With over 20,000 books for sale! – Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about how to access the boat, so, that’s my December focus- find it before it sails away on December 31st! 


I’ve been personally heartbroken this week. A beautiful friend passed away at the beginning of the week that I’m still aching from and there were horrible shooting/stabbings that occurred at the end of the week. So, I thought I needed a little positive influence to redirect my energy. Something to boost my hope, happiness, and energy… I saw on Facebook that Amy Krouse Rosenthal had a new Beckoning of Lovely video to share. I knew that this would be positive, hopeful, happy… So, I eagerly watched this video:

My thoughts on the video: Amy Krouse Rosenthal is continuing her beautiful, inspiring Beckoning of Lovely project and created a new mission that began on December 12th and continues for 10 days. She asks this question: “How will you beckon lovely around the world? “


Action: Find yellow sticky notes. – “Yellow is the color of optimism, wisdom and a positive future…” – AKR- Grab a sticky note- write “Please Beckon Lovely 12/12/12-12/21/12” – stick one somewhere someone else will see. Perhaps take a picture and post on Twitter: #beckonlovely – watch movie above for more information plus beautiful, inspiring past videos. How I love TED videos!

Have a lovely week everyone. Thanks so much for the follows! Would love if you followed my posts by going to right side of screen and subscribing. I share thoughts 3-5 times per week on books, Hong Kong life, and technology.

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25 comments on “Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Update Week 21

  1. lenorelook
    December 17, 2012

    LOVE the fruity angry bird birthday breakfast!!! wished i could have been there for a taste! mmm! xxoo

  2. Lsacker
    December 17, 2012

    We have a new teacher librarian starting at our school and have given her you delightful blog to read as a sort of mentor blog

    • The Styling Librarian
      December 17, 2012

      Thanks, quite honored. Hope it is helpful! *There are loads of great teacher librarian blogs out there… amazes me what I can learn from others!

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