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Styling Librarian: Book Review: A Dog Story


Matt Cavallo – A Dog Story: A Journey Into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis

I officially agreed to review this book because I had a personal investment in the premise, surviving and living successfully with MS. I have a close family member who is in the initial stages of diagnosis and treatment. When I began to read this book I sat back and took pause. It completely connected me back to another memoir with the theme of recovery. I loved reading the book My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph. D. When I began read A Dog Story, I had slight deja vu since both individuals very clearly documented how they went through the impact of their illness- with My Stroke of Insight, you read through stages of the stroke, with A Dog Story, you read through how there were little clues to the MS and then an overnight impact with a wake up of paralysis in such a descriptive way, you had to reread to make sure you understood what you read. They both were heart wrenching and additionally insightful books.

This story was a touching, thoughtful reflection on the experience of multiple sclerosis sharing the honest experience Matt Cavallo went through from his feelings on the impact he would have on his wife, job, and family to finding the inner strength he needed to survive, overcome, and regain physical health. Also, the experience he went through waiting for a diagnosis and all the tests he experienced made me quite grateful for my health. My only regret about the book was that I had hopes to read more about the interactions Matt had with his dog. I appreciate the point, the hope, and the passion he brought to the story, just would have enjoying reading more.

*Note- this is an adult book that I’ve reviewed, not for children.

Summary from publisher:

At the age of  twenty-eight years old with a promising career in real estate development, Matt Cavallo got out of bed on May 18th, 2005 and stumbled.  Overnight, he went from fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was numb from the waist down and unable to walk.  After consulting his doctor, he was sent to a neurologist who immediately admitted him to the hospital.  What would happen to Matt over the next four weeks would redefine all that was important in life.  At the end of this four week period, he would learn that he has the chronic neurodegenerative condition – Multiple Sclerosis.
This book chronicles Matt’s journey of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and his struggle to not only regain his physical health, but also to regain the inner strength needed to fight this chronic illness.  It is a story of hope, love, healing and finding man’s best friend.  Matt is sharing his story in hopes of raising awareness of this devastating illness.  A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to support MS research and charities.

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