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Styling Librarian: Tweet Chat Takeaway #pypchat

I participated in two Twitter Chats today. Think I should limit myself to just one per day in the future as they do overwhelm my brain. I enjoyed both – in the morning #sharpschu chat was on fantastic, beautiful quality picture books. I adored following all of the discussions and also loved that authors of some of the books were involved in the discussion, how powerful Twitter is!

The #pypchat this evening was specifically on PYP Libraries. There were fantastic topics and points made during the #pypchat 

I appreciated reading other points of view on: scheduling, where materials are kept, the role (and name) of the teacher librarian and library, online resources to use, collaboration meetings and how to juggle time/quality discussion moments, importance of inquiry managed through the school – the librarian teach in the library and the classroom collaboratively, teaching skills in isolation vs. teaching them embedded in inquiry units, the library as the “hub of inquiry”, and many more topics. It was a blur of Twitter activity and worth every overwhelming moment.

PYP Chat Takeaways: #pypchat

PYP Chat Wikispaces Questions that directed the chat:

PYP Chat Wikispaces Overall:

PYP Various Resources:

PYP @ The Library:

QR Codes:

Google Search Education Resources:

The Thinking Stick- searching resource, 3rd-5th lesson:

One personal action takeaway:

Begin working on printing/creating QR codes for books to slide into the back… Consider other areas of the library where QR codes can be placed. 

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