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Styling Librarian: Author Connections through Twitter and Blogging

I’ve really enjoyed blogging and connecting with people around the world through a variety of networks over the years. I’m especially fond of connecting with all of my friends and family on Facebook and enjoy having my outlets there. This past year, I decided to grow in my skills on Twitter. What an amazing resource Twitter provides educators with! I love how I can keep up with superstar authors left and right, in addition to getting inspired by amazing educators around the world. I adore subscribing to various blogs and getting new ideas, reading new book reviews, and watching how others implement new ideas and use resources when educating others. I’m so happy that I keep trying new technology. Some of it flops and some are just the thing I couldn’t believe I lived without in the past!

Once in a while I connect with authors in a special way. I miss all the lovely authors at home in the US. I’ve become friends with numerous brilliant authors meeting in person at events, having them visit my school, chatting with them online, etc.  I have two authors visiting Bradbury this year– Laurel Snyder is Skyping with my Year 6 students in just a few weeks, we’re getting excited!! Also, in the Spring, we’re joining with other ESF (English School Foundation) and other local Hong Kong school libraries to bring Alan Gibbons to Hong Kong for a visit.

Here’s one special little glimpse into my newest author experience I’m excited about, documented in pictures and a movie:

First it started with a Twitter Friend Connection: THANK YOU TO AME DYCKMAN over and over again!! I really appreciate you starting the conversation!:

THEN LENORE LOOK READ MY BLOG and commented: (I happened to pick up a copy of Love as Strong as Ginger by Lenore Look that past week and was thrilled to review it): Blog post- What are you Reading

THEN after that amazing, lovely blog post filled with beautiful, brilliant words from Lenore Look… I received an email! Lenore Look emailed about how she was coming to China and visiting a school in Hong Kong and wondered if I would be interested in her visiting my school as well… First tears came to my eyes, then I flashed back to Jack’s response to the Walter Dean Myers letter in Sharon Creech’s book Love That DogThis portion of the post is inspired by Sharon Creech’s book Love That Dog:


You mean you were actually were coming to Hong Kong already?

You wouldn’t mind coming to our school?

And talking to our mostly nice (all nice honestly) kids?

And you would be happy,


to visit Bradbury!

**My response was a mental backflip and cartwheel. Then to write an excited email back.

This now leads to the movie– Lenore Look is visiting Bradbury in November! What a lovely event to anticipate, thanks to blogging, Twitter, and author friends… Ever so excited and grateful! I am a HUGE fan of ALL of Lenore Look’s books. I’m slowly blogging about them. I recommend to anyone who has an elementary student: please share books by Lenore Look and treasure every moment. The books are naturally, beautifully immersed in multicultural perspectives and well worth enjoying. Also, I do love the Alvin Ho audiobooks and if you are driving around with a child, those books are fantastic to listen to!! *Don’t get me wrong, I adore Ruby Lu as well, some of her antics haven’t left my memory for years! Especially when she drove her dad’s car… This week I focused on two of her beautiful multicultural books: Styling Librarian: What are you reading? 10.1.2012

Here is one of the movies I’ll be playing for my students for the next week or so: (I really love using Animoto!)

PS: Did you know that Lenore Look is blogging in honor of her readers? That she is sharing her thoughts on: So You Wanna Be An Author?

Some fantastic insights are shared already on this new blog treasure. Please, go, visit it now!

Also, if you don’t know a thing about Lenore Look’s books, here’s a glimpse into the Alvin Ho series. I just love this character!

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