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Styling Librarian: Style… through books and more!

A new Hong Kong friend, Hi Amy- credit to you!, and I were chatting about what’s been going on in the school library recently (projects such as weeding, book purchasing, etc) and we’d talked also about how I began blogging initially with this Styling Librarian blog including reflections on Style, hiring a stylist, and adapting my perspective with those aspects as well as just books being the perfect accessory and suddenly, she said to me: “Debbie, you are a book stylist! You could advertise with something like, let me restyle your book collection for home or libraries…”

Wow, what an insight this was. I loved it. I am inspired. Is this a new business? I certainly love digging through other people’s books. I certainly love spending money on books and searching for the perfect books for my students and staff and community members. What a fun idea. I suppose presently I am restyling my new library. I’m weeding one library section after another, putting together book orders based on requests and areas that need boosting, and I’m reshaping the library book collection to be what I know is appealing to students… – There are terrific student readers here, I love seeing the variety of titles they pick up. My favorite is when they pick up books I’ve recommended or books by my author friends from Oregon and the US.

If I had thought about this 9 months ago and had Amy in my life then, I could have had The Book Stylist be my “thing” vs. The Styling Librarian (which I still love and appreciate). In any case, thought I’d share this reflection since it has been a long time since I mentioned style.  First off though– here’s a few notes on library areas:

Newly weeded books:

Newly organized picture book area (haven’t weeded yet though!)

Here’s a few library tour movies:


Now—In terms of style, I’ll share a few things really quick:

  1. It rains here, heavily, and an umbrella is always close to me as is a raincoat I tote around in my backpack. BUT there is no protection against the heavy duty rain of Hong Kong. I am really beginning to understand that “when it rains it pours” saying. I have not found a pair of rain boots that I’d like to wear.
  2. I can’t believe it but I’m mostly in tank tops, t-shirts, and skirts or dresses most of the time still at the end of September.
  3. Thank goodness I hired wonderful stylist Holley Shepard to purge my wardrobe. We saved numerous pieces that are perfect and I know some will come in handy when it gets slightly colder… –
  4. I dream that someday I’ll comfortably wear sandals and flip-flops, not happening yet even though that’s what many people wear!
  5. Since I’m dancing again, I regret packing up into storage my favorite dance shoes. There’s a style purchasing focus I’ll be addressing soon.
  6. I’ll quickly comment on the popular malls here in Hong Kong. There are some malls that have regular costs purchasing stores… but then there are malls that are quite a bit more ritzy and extremely pricey. Those are fascinating to browse. I especially love the book stores in those malls! (I already blogged about them previously.) I appreciate trying out local vendors and finding good quality merchandise at their booths…
  7. I’m looking forward to shopping at second hand/vintage clothing stores next! I found a few websites that seemed to provide ideas on where to go. See below!
  8. I’m quite excited to change my hair to a new style with a curly hair specialist named Sophie from Toni and Guy in Central Hong Kong, photo above is the newly cut hair quite curly– shall see how it is after I manage it though! First time I’ve had a consultation and cut with a curly hair stylist. She cut my hair dry which was quite a fascinating thing to watch! I was recommended to go see Sophie by the friend I mentioned earlier, Amy– what a life-saver you are!

Vintage Clothing Ideas:,5

Blog from someone who has explored already (no need to start from scratch!)

Salvation Army Stores:

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