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Styling Librarian: What are you reading? Sept. 3 2012

Thanks to: TeachMentorTexts for the inspiration! Thanks to Jen and Kellee for the meme!  I enjoy keeping track of my reading and sharing with others each week.  Since I had internet back and was reading a book I wasn’t quite excited about, I don’t have much to share for books for the week. I did enjoy blogging this week and creating resources for Hong Kong Battle of the Books… 

What I read:

Picture Books:

Why? By Nikolai Popov:

    1. Wordless picture book.
    2. Brilliant
    3. Gorgeous illustrations
    4. Powerful message
    5. Generated 10 minutes of conversation with a 6 y.o. about pointlessness of war
    6. Cannot wait to share this with others
    7. Perfect provocation for PYP actions/consequences unit
    8. Lovely author note that child requested to have read aloud to understand author intention better
    9. I love this book and am so glad my new library assistant told me about it
          10. I believe this will be my new “you must have this book” book.
        Goodreads Summary: A frog sits peacefully in a meadow. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, he is attacked by an umbrella-wielding mouse in a confrontation that quickly turns into a full-scale war. “A strong anti-war message and lithe, incandescent artwork propel this affecting wordless picture book”.–“Publishers Weekly”.

Rose’s Garden by Peter H. Reynolds:

I found out there was a book by Peter H. Reynolds I hadn’t enjoyed before! It was exciting to find it on my school library shelf. It promptly came home with me and I’ve enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Wonderful picture book about a girl named Rose who patiently waits for her garden to grown and doesn’t give up. Good for a discussion on persistence and determination. I additionally loved the community action which could lead to another quality discussion. Goodreads Summary: After traveling the world in her fantastic teapot, Rose is ready to put down roots. She sets about planting flower seeds in a neglected corner of a bustling city. And then she waits – through rain, and cold, and snow. Rose waits, never doubting that the garden she envisions will one day come to be. With a simple narration and lovely, fanciful illustrations, this luminous picture book resonates with readers of all ages. Author-illustrator Peter H. Reynolds dedicates it to the matriarch of the Kennedy family – herself the namesake of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a series of gardens, plazas, and tree-lined promenades.

Waiting for Mama by Lee Tae-Jun, illustrated by Kim Dong-Seong – bilingual picture book- Powerful story, another treasure recommended to me by my wonderful new library assistant. Gorgeous pictures that throw you back in time. Heartwrenching book that brought me back to Hachi the book and movie- better ending though, phew. Goodreads Summary: Told in a few lines of text, this tender story was first published in a newspaper in 1938. This tale from Korea is universal–a small child waits for Mama at the station, asking the conductor if he has seen her. The conductor hasn’t, but cautions the child to wait a little farther from the tracks. It is cold and snowy but the child waits patiently until finally Mama comes. In the last wordless spread, we see the small hand in a mother’s firm clasp as they walk away from us. The art and text are so authentic, so real, that this book is best published in a bilingual edition that respects and honors those traditions. The Korean setting gives it special appeal to a growing demographic segment. The institutional market is especially hungry for bilingual books in languages beyond Spanish.


My Secret Diary – Dating, Dancing, Dreams and Dilemmas by Jacqueline Wilson – I admit it, I slogged through this book. I think I might have found a little too much of my own childhood connections within the pages… where you’re a little too ignorant and boy crazy to pay attention to the more important things around you. This was quite the honest story and I really appreciated the glimpse back at life in 1960 in England. It was a fascinating book and portions of it made me laugh loudly. Others made me wince, especially Jacqueline Wilson’s experiences with teachers at her school. This is much more of a high school book vs. elementary. There were various scenes that made me wonder if it should be pulled and put into the professional collection. Still reflecting on that… Goodreads Summary: In this wonderfully written memoir of Jacqueline Wilson’s life as a teenager, stories about family problems, first love, school life and friends build up a fascinating picture of a real teenager and her inner life. She uses extracts from her real diary to cover issues as diverse as how she created beehive hairdos to her troubled school life.

What am I reading now:

Shadow of the Minotaur by Alan Gibbons – I’ve heard that this author might be coming to Hong Kong to possibly visit school libraries- thought I’d better read one of his books! I’m excited because his books have been recommended for Percy Jackson fans and the book one a Blue Peter Book Award and shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal… love getting exposure to award winning books. So far, it is a fascinating, engaging books with some golden lines!

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6 comments on “Styling Librarian: What are you reading? Sept. 3 2012

  1. Myra GB
    September 3, 2012

    Ooohlala, great titles here. I have a special fascination with wordless picture books, so I shall definitely try to find Nikolai Popov’s book. We had a wordless picture book theme last year, and I discovered many great finds and authors then.
    Shadow of the Minotaur also looks pretty exciting. 🙂

    • The Styling Librarian
      September 3, 2012

      I love wordless picture books, some really special ones. There is a post in the making for both of us, eh? 🙂

  2. Lorna
    September 3, 2012

    That Nikolai Popov book sounds like a powerful one–thanks for sharing that title! And yes, Shadow of the Minotaur does sound like it’d appeal to Percy Jackson fans. I’ll be curious to hear your review!

  3. Carrie Gelson (@CarrieGelson)
    September 3, 2012

    The book Why is a favourite of mine. So powerful. I love the way you have shared it here.

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