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Styling Librarian: Hong Kong Battle of the Books and LiveBinder!

Literacy Promotions: I adore them! I enjoy creating resources that can be accessed by students and colleagues which will get others excited about reading and literacy programs. I’ve shared my love in the past with my Oregon colleagues- especially with leading Oregon Battle of the Books… before I resigned from being chairperson, I created a bunch of promotions for the titles for 2012-2013 here:

I was relieved to learn about the Hong Kong Battle of the Books program and decided to challenge myself in a different way. Sure, I still created the promotion pages, book collage, movie, slideshow, etc. to share with others, but this time I challenged myself to learn how to use LiveBinder- what a powerful source! I’ve wanted to use this program and appreciated others who used it to collect resources, contacts, etc. So, I started today with the completion of my slideshow/movie promotion for the primary book list for Hong Kong Battle of the Books, then I began learning a new program. Sometimes I feel a bit silly over how excited I become learning about something new, but this useful tool can be shared with my school colleagues for their use and organization as well! I’m happy I created this LiveBinder of Hong Kong Battle of the Books primary books. First I had Google pull all the top online files that came up when I did a search. Then I uploaded PDF’s of the promotion page and slideshow I created. Then the movies on Animoto and YouTube were linked/tabbed… then I created subtab categories for each of the book titles and pulled book trailers, promotion resources, etc. for every book. What a fun project this was… but I’ll take a break for a little while and apply my knowledge a few times before learning another program! (Time to be “reflective” and see where this resource can be implemented successfully.) And also time to read a few more titles, I have three books to read and then I’ll have read all the primary HK BOB for this year!

Here’s the link to the HK BOB Primary Binder: (Too bad WordPress didn’t want to embed the whole binder):

HK BOB Primary

Next technology goal: learn about Paper.Li – it sure is obnoxious to open as a page in Twitter but looks quite lovely. 

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