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Styling Librarian: #Titletalk – Beginning of the year inspiration:

I adore participating in #titletalk each month. It is simultaneously overwhelming and inspiring. The focus for this month was beginning of the year — how will you promote books, reading, and accommodate student needs?

I collected links of websites I thought were important points during the #titletalk discussion:

What I was most excited about: A Reading Attitude Survey- first portion of this PDF is an article, last portion is a reading survey with Garfield:

Great collection of resources celebrating Wonder by R.J. Palacio – a number of people mentioned that Wonder is going to be their ‘all school read’ or classroom read, some mentioned they would wait a few months and THEN read it aloud.

Biblionasium: A number of people keep mentioning this website, looks terrific:

QR Codes Connect Students to Books:

Authors who Skype with classes for free:

Very cool book birthday celebration post from Colby Sharp:

Fake Reading came up in discussion and an expert shared her weblink to watch a video about students who fake read:

Rethinking Dyslexia came up –

I.N.K. – Interesting Nonfiction for Kids blog page came up in discussion, the author Barbara Kerley- one of my personal author heroes posts to this blog once or twice a month. I enjoy following blog posts and additionally think their book lists are fantastic for educators who need inspiration on non-fiction titles.

Favorite Quotes from Books Wall: love this image:

Wonderopolis: I have this app- fascinating every day! Inquiry teachers, here is a great inspiring resource for you to share with students with new things to share daily:

Did you know you can create a tweet book of your favorite tweets? I found this fascinating:  It worked! Here are my favorite tweets from the past few days including all the #titletalk key moments for me: stylinlibrarian-favourite-07272012-07302012-b8a42e47.pdf

3 comments on “Styling Librarian: #Titletalk – Beginning of the year inspiration:

  1. Ramona
    July 30, 2012

    Thanks for all the great links. I don’t really understand Twitter yet, but posts like yours bring the best to me. I’m looking for a good reading survey for middle school. Anyone know of one?

    • The Styling Librarian
      July 31, 2012

      In The Book Whisper, there is a great survey for HS/MS adaptable… bet others will share one if you post question on Twitter… with hashtag #titletalk??

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