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Styling Librarian: Distance is healthy, saying goodbye with happiness

Here’s the first of many pictures of Pete the Cat and I as we travel from one location (Beaverton, Oregon) to another- Hong Kong.

I am quite excited that in less than 3 weeks we will be moving to Hong Kong. Getting to continue a career in a field I’m passionate (and confident) about is a gift in itself. Moving to a welcoming school with philosophy (PYP/IB) I embrace is a gift as well.

I always love student investment in the library… One thing I’ve appreciated is having art frames that were originally there with art that the artist had to take out for a possible book publishing (never found out if anything occurred with that). So, instead I had a load of empty frames, hooks waiting on the wall and years of student art projects to be organized by myself and other teachers around the building…

In April I realized there were three frames left. So, one of my final projects!

Here’s one goodbye with three final pieces added for art around the library and celebrating the other pieces. Nice to have this project complete and honoring 12 years of students going through Ridgewood.

Students loved The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbit years ago, so they created this beautiful art…

Another group of students loved My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett and created this art…

One group created this interesting circular honor for Dr. Seuss image collage.

Another adored Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, loved the word quotes.

One group of children this year agreed it would be special to create two frames of their favorite book characters… so this one is one of their creations. See anyone you love? I have many favorites in the collage. (These are two of our final projects…)

Another group worked with me this year on a framed collage honoring The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They signed around and had quite the bit of fun working as teams for each portion. I love how they organized it…

Overall the frames in my old picture book area: (I left up celebration of Pig Day from Elephant and Piggie, couldn’t resist. Decided every day could be Pig Day!)


I have one wonderful teacher who LOVES chickens, here’s her class’s chicken collage in the non-fiction area:

One class decided to put together a collage of their favorite fairy tale characters, what fun choices they had to select from!

One group focused on creating beautiful solar system images into a collage:

Oregon Trail focus for this one:

Animal Research Projects, love the young cute images…

Loved this Owl Study Image– how the teams created and mixed together…

And the mix of all together in the non-fiction area:

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