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Styling Librarian: Pete the Cat in all his glory!

How many of you have shared Pete the Cat’s philosophy?


I appreciate Eric Litwin and James Dean, authors of the Pete the Cat books:, for (in my opinion) the resurgence of the word “groovy”  (one of my favorite words to use with students – in addition to saying ‘criminy crickets’) and  the celebration of optimism, peaceful living, and letting things go.  Also, the illustrator, James Dean: brings Pete the Cat to life with fabulous illustrations.

My favorite quote: Did Pete cry?  Goodness no!…. It’s ALL good.

I love reminding myself, my students, and my son about this philosophy when they are making a huge deal about something that isn’t necessarily important to become very concerned about.  I know others who have shared Pete the Cat books and also appreciated this. The simple message will resonate. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons is terrific for beginning math concepts in addition to the consistent messages of the prior books.  My Pete the Cat doll hangs out near my library instruction area to entertain and remind my students about the messages in the books.

I first fell for Pete the Cat books by the YouTube Videos and the audiobook versions that are linked below:

There are some fabulous resources for promoting Pete the Cat including videos- at the bottom of this page- and also free downloadable songs on the HarperCollins webpage:

In the wonderful webpage: Teachers Pay Teachers, a terrific curriculum unit is set up centered around Pete the Cat with connections to literacy, art, writing, and math.  It is quite a useful tool: Pete the Cat Literacy and Math Activities 

Pete the Cat Videos:

Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons:

Pete the Cat app! Really enjoyed playing the new app with my son and then also with my Kindergarten students, what fun!

More resources for Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: Go to Watch.Connect.Read

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: Here’s the book trailer:

Pete the Cat Wheels on the Bus:

Pete the Cat items above are links to the Independent Bookseller Powells Books.

Want to celebrate Pete the Cat with a party? Great ideas here:

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